Mark Lauretano

Mark Lauretano grew up in the greater Boston area. He was the fourth of six children. His passion was playing hockey and attending the Bruins, Red Sox and Patriots games. He worked summers as a laborer for a swimming pool installation company. After graduating from high school, Mark played one season of Junior A Hockey for the Norfolk Country Squires in Massachusetts and then enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps.

He was honorably discharged from the Marines in May 1980 and earned his Associates Degree in Law Enforcement in one year at Dean College, while working nights as a bartender to help pay for his education. He subsequently worked for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and then in November 1982 Mark was hired by the Connecticut State Police. He worked for the CSP for twenty-nine years, serving not only as a patrol trooper and desk officer, but also as a K9 handler, Bomb Technician, member of the SWAT team and for 20 years as the Salisbury Resident Trooper.

For several years, in his off-duty time, Mark played hockey for the CT State Police Hockey team. In 1990-91 Mark re-enlisted in the Marine Corps for the Gulf War, returning to the Salisbury Resident Trooper position after the brief war effort. During his tenure as Resident Trooper he also served on the Bissell Fund Committee and the Scenic Road Committee. During his employment with the CSP Mark also completed his Bachelor’s degree at University of Connecticut and his Master’s degree in Management at St. Joseph’s College in West Hartford.

After his retirement from the CSP in the spring of 2011, Mark ran for and was elected to the Salisbury Board of Selectmen. His primary goal during the campaign was improving transparency of government and the public’s right to know what their government officials are doing. Once elected, he persuaded the Board of Selectmen to change their meeting time from daytime business hours to early evening so that more townspeople would be able to attend and participate. Mark also got the Board of Selectmen to pass a measure requiring all videotaped BOS meetings to have a copy of the video filed with the BOS Minutes in the Town Clerk’s office. He was successful bringing the issue of a town Code of Ethics to a Town Referendum vote in which the people of Salisbury finally enacted the town’s first Code of Ethics.

Mark also was instrumental in having town highway funds, which had been diverted for other purposes, returned to the highway account in order to have necessary maintenance done on town trucks and to properly maintain town roads. He convinced the Board of Finance on the wisdom of hiring a new accounting firm every three to five years to prevent too much personal familiarity and complacency about town financial dealings in the wake of an embezzlement of over one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) by a previous Board of Education Clerk.

Mark has been married to his wife Kathy Lauretano for twenty-nine years. They have lived in Lakeville, CT since 1988, and have three adult children. When his sons were young Mark was on the Board of Salisbury Youth Hockey for three years, during which time he also coached for the program. The Lauretanos have two grandsons, ages seven and nine years, living in Southern California. Mark maintains a daily exercise regimen that alternates running three miles and a free weight lifting program. He also pursues his interest in scuba diving and deep-sea fishing trips.

The Lauretanos have had numerous dogs as part of the family – the most recent being their two-year-old black Labrador Retriever, Maggie. Maggie has been Mark’s faithful jogging partner ever since she was a puppy. Mark and Kathy are also members of St. Mary Roman Catholic Church in Lakeville. Mark Lauretano is an entrepreneur, having obtained a U.S. Patent for a home and garden product he created several years ago and he has recently succeeded in having a prototype manufactured for demonstration and marketing purposes. He also works as a Substitute Teacher for the Region One School District for the past two years.

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